Mr. Modi Cloud Theory – Viral News with Fact’s

Modi Cloud theory-Viral News

Modi Cloud Theory – Viral News 💡

During a Television News Channel interview, Mr. Modi’s reveal that Cloud and Radar theory that Bad weather like clouds and heavy rain prevent the radar to detect the fighter jets.  🙂 😎 😛 

This radar theory came in picture during a review (Balakot operation plan).Speaking to News Nation, PM Modi said, “The weather suddenly turned bad, there were clouds and heavy rain. There was a doubt about whether we can go in the clouds or change the date.

Mr.Modi comment on how he believed that clouds and heavy rain prevented Pakistani radars from detecting Indian Airforce fighter jets.

Mr. Modi disclosed that he gave a green signal to Airforce official when experts were confused about taking decision launching the Balakot operation in the bad weather.

However, Official said “Sir, Can we change the Date of Air-Strike”. I had two issues in mind. One was secrecy leak … second, I said I am not person who knows the all the science. I said there is so much cloud and rain and clouds because the clouds could actually help our planes escape from the radars. Everyone was confused. Modi said that he used his “raw wisdom” and ultimately I said there are clouds and rain…. So let’s proceed it. So finally we had successfully launched this air strike on POK terrorist area.

After this statement release on Television News Channel interview, Mr. Mode received lots of criticisms from public and politicians as well as Twittered and the statement went trolled on social media platform.

Fact -:

Expert say’s that the primary radar can detect even the smallest aircraft. Even Radar technology specialists said that surveillance radar signals can easily pass through clouds and detect any type of Air-Craft.

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