Mr. Modi Digital Camera and e-Mail – Viral News with Fact’s

Mr. Modi Digital Camera and e-Mail.
Viral News with Fact’s

Mr. Modi digital camera and e-mail statements became BIG troll in social media platform everywhere.

Mr. Modi received lots of criticism after this statement released that he used digital camera and e-mail in 1987.

In a Television News Channel interview, Mr. Modi said, I used a digital camera for the time around 1987. Very few had e-mail at that time.

Mr. Advani ji was holding a public meeting in Viramgam tehsil in Gujarat. That time, I took pictures of him on a digital camera. I clicked the photo and transmitted it to Delhi, which was published the next day.

Advani ji was very surprised how his colour photo was published within a day,” PM Modi quoted this statement during an interview with News Nation”.

PM Modi is once again at the center of a controversy after he claimed using a digital camera and used e-mail in 1987 and transmit color pic of Mr. Advani to Delhi via email.


The internet was not available to the general public in India until 14 August 1995. It was brought to consumers via the state-owned Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL).Capable of only sending text over email – on August 15, 1995, and privately held companies started services in 1998.

The first commercial digital camera, the Kodak 100, was sold in 1991.

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