Rahul Gandhi’s ‘POTATO to GOLD’ Formula – Viral News with Facts

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘POTATO to GOLD’ Formula 
Trolled on Social Media.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘POTATO to GOLD’ Formula – Trolled on Social Media.

This incident happened in 2018 in Gujarat during assembly election campaigns where Rahul Gandhi was addressing a public forum of farmers.

A video got viral wherein Rahul Gandhi seems to say that “Pour potatoes on one side, the gold will come out from the other side.”

The Statement Trolled on social media ” ऐसी मशीन लगाऊंगा, इस साइड से आलू घुसेगा, उस साइड से सोना निकलेगा ” This statement again set the fire on social media and Rahul Gandhi became a subject of jokes.

However, the trolled video was amended. Only footage was trolled which impact the Rahul Gandhi persona.

Fact -:

Actually, the video trolled on public social media was just half-baked truth. In the video, Rahul Gandhi is addressing a rally in Gujarat region, in which he is mimicking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches.

Needless to say, people associated with BJP are sharing this video loudly. It is being described as the next step in the link between Rahul Gandhi’s last known video. But this video of Patan’s electoral gathering is not correct.

In fact, Rahul Gandhi is dancing on them by mimicking the style of Narendra Modi. Put the potatoes in the entire video and after the gold comes out, he say that this is not my words this is Modi ji.

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