Rahul Gandhi Trolled on Moon Farming – Viral News with Fact’s

Rahul Gandhi Trolled on Moon Farming – Viral News with Fact’s

This incident happened Gujarat when Rahul Gandhi was again framed in a fake video viral on social media. Wherein a video of Congress president Rahul Gandhi election rally is being trolled on social media with the claim that he has promised farmers to give farmland for cultivation on the moon.

“This fake viral video trolled and set on fire Rahul Gandhi on social media like twitter, Facebook and YouTube etc. And again Rahul Gandhi trolled and became a spot of entertaining. 😛 🙂 “

Shivprakash@ForeverShivaRM Apr 14 Wrote on Twiter…

Somebody pls stop him, He is promising he will give fields on moon to grow crop. ‍ 😎 🙄 😳 …… I think people who all are supporting him are may be dumb or fools…. One day he will show stars :mrgreen:  in the day time 👿 😯 …

Fake Truth about Video

In this 24-second viral video, Rahul Gandhi can be heard saying, “You can’t make much money from your farming here. See, that is moon, I will give you the farming land over there.” In the coming time there you will grow potatoes on moon and then we will export potato back to Gujarat.

This half backed fake video posted in by BJP Facebook supporter groups with right-wing trend like ‘Team Modi 2019’ and ‘Namo Agents’ which have been seen more than 1 million of time so far.

“This fake video circulated with Twitter and share chats as well as on the WhatsApp app.”

In the investigation of the video, we found that Rahul Gandhi’s voice has not been tampered with, but only shown few seconds edited part of his nearly 45 minutes speech is in the video. Also, this video has been misconstrued by linking it to the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

What did Rahul say?

Congress President Rahul Gandhi had said in his speech, “We have stood for farmers in Bhatta-Parsaul, Uttar Pradesh, I have not withdrawn a step, and I do not make false promises.

Rahul Stated that Modi ji says look you can’t make enough money from your farming land, that look is moon. Look that is moon. On that I will give you the farming land. In the coming time, there on moon you will cultivate potatoes farming. And I’ll put up a machine there and then we will export potato back to Gujarat.

I speak the truth, what is the truth and what is the lie, it is now clearly visible to you.

Rahul Gandhi had said these things while targeting PM Narendra Modi in this “Jan Sabha campaign.”

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