Veena Malik Trolled on Cloud-Radar-Viral News with Fact’s

Veena Malik Trolled

Veena Malik Trolled
on Cloud-Radar

Tweeted on missing AN-32 Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft in Arunachal Pradesh.

Pakistani actress and Drama queen Veena Malik and controversy are two sides of coin.

Pakistani actress Veena Malik had a insensitive tweet about the Indian Air Force’s missing AN-32 aircraft. People have criticized Veena for this. Even before this, Veena had a controversial tweet about Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.

Recently, Actress Veena Malik tweet get fire on social media, when she tweeted on missing AN-32 Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft in Arunachal Pradesh.

She trolled on news and social media for taking a catcall at missing IAF An-32 aircraft.

Meera Trolled Veena Mailk 🙂 😎 🙄 

Oh Veena Malik, aren’t you the same D grade actress who was thrown out of India despite you went nude on Cameras? I mean it didn’t work !
so did @pid_gov hired you to beg few Timatar from India?

Veena Malik made an unsympathetic statement on twitter and stated a taunted on India Prime-minster.

She apparently stated a taunt at Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Cloud-radar” comment, the actress distastefully remarked that IAF AN-32 aircraft didn`t actually crash, but couldn`t be detected due to cloudy weather.


“#IAF An-32 hasn’t crashed. Weather is too CLOUDY and Radars can’t detect it – Military Scientist, PM Shree #NarendraModi @IAF_MCC @narendramodi,” she wrote and also added a smiley face emoji to her already inconsiderate tweet.


Veena malik known for Controversy and fame and always trolled on social media for her indiscreet statement as made by her.

Pakistani model-turned-actress Veena Malik, who was born as Zahida, says that she has a dual personality in real life. “I have a split personality. Veena Malik was born when I was 10 years old. Zahida Malik’s personality is very elusive, quite.

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